On Wednesday 18th March, the Prime Minister announced that we are no longer able to gather in groups of over 100 people. This announcement means that we need to change the way we do our Sunday services.

Our church eldership and staff team are incredibly optimistic about how we can keep loving and serving each other, and loving and serving our community, during this challenging season.

This coming Sunday we will be hosting a  1 hour church on the lawn service at 9:30 during which we will share some of the practical implications of these changes.  It is likely, this will be the last time for the time being that we will all be together in one place, so we would love to have you here, if you are well.

Please note the following for this Sunday.

  • There will no kids programs operating
  • If you or your children are unwell with any cough/flu symptoms please stay at home and let us know that you are unwell so we can collectively pray for you
  • Please refrain from any physical contact including handshakes and hugs.  We know this may be difficult but it is extremely important
  • We will not be opening the main building for public access so make your way down the driveway to get to our lawn.
  • Please leave the lower carpark free to give easier access for our elderly or  those with mobility limitations
  • Please bring a picnic blanket, or your own folding chair if you need one
  • We will not be providing morning tea, but feel free to bring your own snacks and please do not share them
  • Toilets on the lower floor will be available and well stocked.
  • Don’t stop giving.  We would encourage you to continue to honour God through your regular tithes and offerings.  Giving online is a great way to do this, details are in our church e-news and here on our website.  This week only there will be a box available at our outdoor help desk if you can’t arrange other means.

Our team is developing some exciting and creative ways for us to keep us growing, connected and flourishing.  More information regarding this will be shared on Sunday and during the coming week. 

I am reminded that church was never designed to be defined by a building, it is defined as a body, an army and a family.  It is the place where we can gather together to Worship God, to Grow in faith, to Encourage each other to find ways to be salt and light in the world.  What a wonderful opportunity we have to be THAT kind of church in this coming season, regardless if we meet in the building or in our homes.

We do not know how long these measures will be in place. The information we are getting at the moment is that it will be months rather than weeks.  But we will be in regular communication with you, our Church family.

If you do not receive regular communication from the Church, or you are aware of other who do not, please let us know. The spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of everyone is our highest priority. I believe this is a time when the church will grow and thrive.

I believe that God has positioned His church as a city on a hill.  When our world is filled with darkness and despair, we are here to be a beacon of  faith, hope and love.  I believe this is our time to shine brightly and be the church that God has destined us to be.

Please feel free to contact any of our elders or staff team if you have any questions and concerns, we are navigating some unknown waters at the moment, but we trust the ONE who is leading the way.

With love,

Ps. Mark

On behalf of HCC Eldership