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Equip Bible School is designed to go beyond the head and reach the heart.

The Bible word equip (Eph 4:12) is about more than knowledge.  It is the same word used in the gospels for mending fishing nets… meaning to mend or make whole to fulfill your purpose!

Equip aims to live up to its name, equipping the saints for their ministry callings… which includes growing towards wholeness in every area of life.

While underpinned by biblical rigor and thorough research, the teaching is designed to be interesting and easy-to-grasp, with students ranging from mid-teens to theology graduates alike able to benefit.

Aimed at busy people – employees, parents, business owners, students – Equip’s 4-week evening courses are purposely structured without the academic pressure of exams or essays.  Instead they include a range of simple, scripture-based opportunities to work through content … and connect with God personally at the heart level, which is where real change begins. 

This unique approach has been producing tangible fruit since Equip’s launch at the beginning of 2017.  

You are invited to become part of what God is doing through Equip Bible School.  On-site classes at Hunter Christian Church, Highfields, NSW, online option also available.  See below for upcoming courses and how to enrol!

“Life changing. A catalyst for amazing growth, intimacy with God, the development of much stronger foundations, healing & stronger grasp on my identity in Christ”

“This has been the highlight of every week – have loved all sessions.”

“Amazing. It has honestly changed me.”

“I’m learning what it means to take the limits off the dream God has given me … I never would have done this without Equip.”

“I feel as if the ‘blinkers’ have been removed from my eyes and I have gained a new freedom & confidence in my relationship with God & a deeper understanding of the Word.”

“This school brings truth, revelation, freedom, growth, new understanding…LOVE IT!”

“This school feels like a gift from God.”

What students are saying about equip bible school

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Registrations now open for ‘The Character of God’

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How to Apply?

1. It is important to have read the Student Handbook (below) before completing an application form. We will contact you via email to advise of your enrolment acceptance. Instructions for payment of fees will be given with the acceptance email.

2. Print out and complete Application Form on below link. 

3. Give completed form to our registrar, Jenny Irvine, either

i) at a church service at Hunter Christian Church

ii) drop it in to church office during week.

iii) scan it and send it via email to bibleschool@hcc.org.au

4. We will send you an email to confirm we have received your enrolment application. You do not need to do anything at this stage.

5. When you receive an enrolment acceptance email, this will include payment information. Once you have paid your fees your enrolment will be complete.