HCC Complaints Procedure – SRE


Hunter Christian Church’s (HCC)’s aim is the ensure that parents or guardians with a complaint relating to the teaching of Special Religious Education (SRE) can use a procedure which can help to resolve the grievance as quickly and fairly as possible.


Statement of Grievance

If a parent or guardian has a grievance about an incident occurring in SRE, they would firstly attempt to resolve the complaint by discussing it with the SRE teacher. Should the parent not feel confident to discuss the matter, they should complete a “Feedback Form” as linked to the HCC Website https://goo.gl/forms/6AV0XYy33ca4TDDB2


Grievance Meeting

Within 7 working days, the Pastor will respond in writing to the statement, inviting the parent to attend a meeting with the Senior Pastor and an elder. It is in this meeting that the alleged grievance can be discussed. The parent is welcome to bring a support person with them to the meeting. This meeting will be scheduled to take place as soon as possible and normally five working days’ notice of this meeting will be provided. The Senior Pastor/ Elders will also meet with the SRE Teacher.

Complainants should take all reasonable steps to attend the meeting, but if for any unforeseen reason the complainant or Senior Pastor can’t attend, the meeting will be rearranged. It is expected that 48 hours’ notice would be a reasonable amount of notice to give for postponement.

After the meeting the Senior Pastor will write to the complainant informing them of any decision or action and offer them the right of appeal. This letter should be sent within 10 working days of the grievance meeting and should include details of how to appeal.



If the matter is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, they must set out their grounds for appeal in writing within 7 working days of receipt of the decision letter.

Within x working days of receiving an appeal letter, the complainant should receive an invitation to attend an appeal meeting. The appeal meeting should occur between the Senior Pastor and the Chairman of the Hunter SRE Committee.

After the appeal meeting, the Chairman of the Hunter SRE Committee will inform the complainant in writing of their decision, in a timely manner.